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Karla Small


Senior Consultant

Professional Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Natural Resource Management (Hons)
  • Graduate Certificate in Management
  • Graduate Diploma in Emergency Management and Disaster  Recovery

Karla is an experienced public and private sector professional who has worked extensively over the past 30 years with senior leaders in Local and State Governments and industry bodies across Australia.

With a background in leading complex environmental and emergency management projects, Karla has a broad range of skills including engagement, quantitative assessment, policy analysis, risk evaluation, and communications.

Karla has authored national and state guidance, as well as industry publications, to improve industry best practices. She understands the need for lasting and sustainable changes in business processes, and therefore seeks to comprehend all stakeholder perspectives, along with critical analytics, to develop tailored solutions.

A previous member of the Australian Water Association (AWA) and associate of Water Research Australia, Karla served as the chair of the AWA’s Catchment Management Network Committee for five years.

Through co-design, research, analysis, and professional communication, Karla works to deliver practical solutions to complex challenges.