Long Term Financial Planning

Long Term Financial Plans (LTFPs) are a valuable tool to assist Elected Members, council staff and communities to understand the inherent trade-offs in the allocation of ratepayer dollars, and the overall financial sustainability of a Council.  These plans are required to be prepared under the Local Government Act and should be updated by councils at least on an annual basis.

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BRM Advisory: Long Term Financial Plan Model for Local Government

While historically developed using a ‘set and forget’ mindset and not well understood outside finance departments, LTFPs have evolved to be a foundational piece of councils’ strategic decision making process.

To date, we’ve assisted four metropolitan and regional councils to implement our customised Excel-based BRM LTFP model.

Our philosophy around long term financial planning is to:

  • create a LTFP model that is easy to use and that can be updated by council officers without advanced excel skills
  • have a clear modelling structure which separates inputs, model calculations and outputs into different sheets
  • create beautiful outputs, simply showcasing council’s key financial indicators and financial statements
  • embed error checking and alerts into our models to notify users when there is an issue with outputs
  • provide flexibility to overlay new projects onto a base case model and generate movement and scenario analysis that provides Elected Members with a more detailed level of financial information

The BRM LTFP Model is made specifically for SA councils and can be tailored to meet your council needs, including overlaying CWMS & water business unit operations.

Our skills also extend to creating advanced budgeting templates and rates calculation models.

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