We have undertaken hundreds of program, service and organisational reviews investigating the extent to which government and NFP organisations are operating in an efficient and effective manner, and achieving their stated goals.

Council Testing

Our team begins all review processes by engaging with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their goals, priorities, and challenges. We use a range of methods to collect information, including interviews with key stakeholders, review of relevant documents, data analysis, and observation of organisational processes and practices.

We are not afraid to make a call; and clear and concise written findings are both the legacy and hallmark of our work.

We also support Councils with their governance work to support compliance with relevant legislation, regulations and standards.


Our Operations Services in the Public Sector include:

  • Program, project and service reviews
  • Restructure and organisational structure advice
  • Prudential reviews in accordance with Section 48 of the Local Government Act
  • Emergency management reviews
  • Reviews of Section 42 and 43 Subsidiaries Charter and governance arrangements
  • Review of council committee and council meeting structures
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